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How it works:
Navigate these simple steps using the Estate Guru platform to create custom estate plans in real time.

We've reimagined the estate planning process

Intelligent System: A Better Way

Estate Guru is an intelligent, estate planning platform designed to create, fund, administer and settle an estate plan. Estate Guru is lawyer expertise embedded in software. Just as Turbotax™ is an intelligent automated platform that guides you through the preparation of your income taxes, Estate Guru guides you through the preparation of an estate plan. Estate Guru analytics compare your clients information against predefined standards to identify the documents needed and guide you through the preparation of their estate plan in real time. 

Away With Old School 

  • No cheap boilerplate documents.

  • No DIY document engines.

  • No cumbersome, inefficient and costly meetings with attorneys.

  • No exorbitant fees for updates to keep your plan current.

  • No monthly membership fees.

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